Cream of Broccoli Soup
Broccoli soup
This recipe is best prepared with a Nissan Thermal Cooker or Crock-Pot type slow cooker. The smoothest results are obtained with a "stick blender," which permits blending the soup in the cooking pot.
In a five-quart pot, bring to a boil: 2 qt. water or soup stock
Wash, trim and chop coarsely: 2 lb. fresh broccoli
Add to pot and boil until broccoli is soft; then add: 2 qt. whole milk
  8 oz. cheddar cheese, finely shredded
  1 tsp. white pepper
  1/4 tsp. nutmeg
  1 T. lemon or lime juice
Blend for about five minutes using handblender, until texture is fairly smooth. In a separate saucepan, make a roux using:
  1/4 C. olive oil
  1/2 C. flour
Saute over medium heat until flour just begins to brown. Add half a cup or so of the soup to the roux and stir until smooth. Repeat three times. Then add the thickened roux mixture back to the soup pot and blend for several minutes. Simmer for four to six hours. (If using the Nissan cooker, simply drop the cooking pot into the insulated jacket, button it up and leave it.) Blend for another five minutes before serving.
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