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Arrival in Tarentum

September 19, 2009—This will be a short report, because I'm very tired. The drive from Ohio to western Pennsylvania was only 160 miles, so it should have been an easy one—and it was, until I got close to Pittsburgh. My route from I-70 took me right through the city. The G-20 summit craziness hasn't started yet, but I had the bad luck to drive past the sports arena right after a baseball game had ended, so traffic was a mess.

Pittsburgh traffic

Then I had to cross several bridges, drive through narrow streets in shabby neighborhoods, deal with a lot of road construction and several detours... I have to say that my Nüvi 855 GPS directed me through all this with nary a mistake—I would never have been able to do it without Daniel's reassuring British baritone telling me where to turn. Nevertheless, by the time I got out of the city and up into the hills, I was exhausted. Poor Alix didn't complain, but she must have been pretty sick of the long drive and the rough roads. I know I was!

Finally I reached Mountain Top Scenic View Campground in Tarentum, about 20 miles northeast of the city. This is one of the very few commercial campgrounds I've stayed in that's as scenic as a state park. The owners welcomed me and showed me to a lovely spot on the edge of a steep hill, affording a great view to the west. For $20 (half price, thanks to Passport America), I have fresh water, electricity, and permission to let my gray water run down the hill behind the campground. I won't, though—there's no need, because my tanks are only half full, so they're good for another ten days. I'm only planning to stay six nights, so I'll just dump when I leave, as I usually do.

Tarentum Sunset

And now I think I'll unwind with a movie before falling into bed. It's nice and cool here... good sleeping weather.

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