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Facing the complications

I was right about the limited sleep. I stayed in bed as long as I could this morning, but ended up fighting off headaches all day long—a sure sign of lack of sleep. It didn't help that it was another hot day, and I had to run the generator and air conditioner for five or six hours this afternoon. Their combined roar is fatiguing, but the alternative is worse.

More emails. More things to think about. I'm learning that Donald was widely loved and respected in the scientific community, and that he helped a number of young scientists get started in their careers. Donald's old friend Bob Hook said, "They'd send a one-paragraph query and get back a detailed two-page letter."

I looked at myself in the mirror this afternoon and for a second, I saw Donald looking back at me. We are so much alike in so many ways. How much longer will I last? When I die, it's likely to be the same way he did: alone and not discovered for days or even weeks. My solitary traveling lifestyle pretty much guarantees that.


This evening I started looking at routes. That's when I found out that my plan to go the same way as in the fall of 2009 wasn't going to work: a wildfire has shut down I-25, Raton, and Sugarite Canyon State Park—my intended destination for tomorrow. There aren't many good choices. I can try to wait it out, or I can go east on I-40 instead, facing hot weather and possible wildfires north of Amarillo.

After thinking about my plans for awhile, I decided to move tomorrow to a hookup campsite here at Storrie Lake State Park, and consider my options for a day. Maybe I'll do a load of laundry, just so I can put that chore off longer while I'm in transit. If I-25 north opens up, I can go that way... otherwise I guess I'll have to take I-40 east. I want to get to Pittsburgh in three weeks or so, before anything happens to the house and its contents.

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