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Getting closer

This is not my normal style of RVing—not by a long shot! I like to stay two or three weeks in one place, explore the surrounding area, then drive maybe 75 miles to the next campground and stay another three weeks. These day-after-day 200–300 mile cross-country drives and one-night stays are wearing for both me and my cat Alix. But I'm getting closer to Pittsburgh. In two more days I'll be there.

Tonight I'm in Whitewater Memorial State Park, a pleasant enough park in Indiana; tomorrow I'll stay in Ohio's Dillon State Park, and after that a 165-mile drive will bring me to Mountaintop Campground, about 40 minutes north of Pittsburgh... my home for the next two months.

Whitewater Memorial State Park, IN

The further east I get, the more expensive the state parks become. In New Mexico, a site with water and electric hookups costs $14 (although I pay only $4 because of my annual camping pass). In Kansas, it was $20. Here in Indiana it's $24 and change. And as the prices go up, so does the humidity. I'm trying hard not to complain too much about this, but I've enjoyed the southwest's 15%–30% humidity for most of the past six years, and returning to 50%–70% is brutal. The main effect is that I don't sleep well. I toss and turn in my clammy bed and wake up unrefreshed, facing another long day's drive.

All the way across the country, I've been dealing with estate matters, or trying. I've been in contact via email with two men whom Donald designated to help me make sure that his scientific and firearms collections found good homes—complicated matters in both cases. I'd be lost without their help.

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