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Little things


My friends say I'm taking all this surprisingly well. I'm going through Donald's papers without a qualm, dealing with problems as they come up. I've watched him on video for hours while importing old tapes onto my iPad, and I didn't find it upsetting... on the contrary, I enjoyed seeing and hearing him. But every once in awhile, some insignificant little thing tears at my heart.

My cousin Hugh found a frozen strawberry cheesecake while cleaning out Donald's refrigerator today. We each had a slice at lunchtime. I didn't think anything of it. But then tonight it suddenly hit me: Donald bought that cheesecake and never got to taste it... and just like that, I was in tears.

I know it's silly. I can't explain it. Of all the things that could have reminded me, why that? I don't know. It just did.

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