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Jan Forseth

My Colorado summer

My friends Jan Forseth and James Hager are award-winning wildlife photographers, so when Jan invited me to accompany them to some of their favorite camping and photographing spots in Colorado this summer, I jumped at the chance. I had taken a few day trips with Jan in previous years to places such as Rocky Mountain National Park, and had always come back with great photos.

Jan's lived in Colorado most of her life, and knows just where to go and when to go there—what season and what time of day—to get the best wildlife and landscape photos. This rabbit and the rockbound landscape of aspens and evergreens below were among my favorites from my brief outings with Jan, and a whole summer of photographic adventures with Jan & James sounded like heaven.

Aspens and evergreens

Besides, I felt I deserved a treat after last summer, a sweltering four months spent dealing with my late father's estate in his home town of Pittsburgh. It had to be done, but it was a grueling experience. Time for some fun!

So I left my familiar round of New Mexico State Parks and headed up to the Parker area, where Jan was staying with friends who own a farm there. And thus began my Colorado summer...

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