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Going exploring

One afternoon my friend Jan and I got into her Jeep and started out from our boondocking spot at the Dominguez-Escalante National Conservation Area in Colorado. We drove down an increasingly rocky and rutted road, until the going was too rough even for the Jeep...

Not a good road

...and then we got out and walked. At first we followed the road, which turned into a path, which turned into a gully. Then we hiked cross-country, until we came to this little gem of a lake.


As we kept walking, I saw these colorful lichens and mosses growing on a large boulder...

Lichens and mosses

And later on, I found this small cluster of oak leaves growing out of the bleached wreckage of a large tree.

Oak leaves on dead wood

Go ahead—take a closer look!

Red oak leaves

On the way home, we stopped and photographed these red rock cliffs as the setting sun painted them.

Red rock cliffs

Then we came home and had western omelets and fried potatoes for supper.

And that was our day. A good photographing day, and a good RVing day.

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