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Andy Baird

For the first fifty years of my life I wasn't what you'd call a traveler. Oh, I traveled for business a couple of times a year, but I hated it. It took me away from my cat, my bed, my books, my kitchen... Traveling meant exchanging my comfortable home for a sterile motel room and restaurant food.

Then I discovered RVing, and learned that I could take my home with me—cat, bed, books, kitchen and all. (Well, not too many books—the weight adds up!) For me, that made all the became a pleasure instead of an ordeal.


I found that most RVers, and especially fulltimers, are friendly people by nature. Through emails, the Yahoo Lazy Daze group and this website, I now have good friends across the country. Our paths cross and re-cross, and sometimes we travel together for awhile.

And RVing changed my life in another way, by making it possible for me to retire at 55 and live comfortably on a small income. These pages tell the story of my discoveries, my adventures and mishaps... and because I love to tailor my home to my needs, there are lots of pages devoted to hints and tips on how to improve your RV, making the most of a small space. I hope you'll enjoy dipping into this site, and maybe you'll come away with some ideas you can use in your own home, whether it's an RV or an apartment.

My Journals


Travels with Gertie

My first five years of adventures, including a year of fulltiming.



A newer, bigger, better home.



    A few of my favorites

RVing in 1937

    So different! So much the same!

Microcomputers: The early days

    How I got started with home computers (a historical digression)
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